Campus Security System is a division of TRIAD Security Solutions. With over 40 years of experience manufacturing and distributing Security Hardware, Security Film for Glass, Bullet Resistant Products and Remote Control Door Locks we have gained extensive experience and insight into what it takes to facilitate security against a high threat violent penetration of a building and now protecting students and teachers at school from a Mad Gunman.

Our (SPS) School Protection System was created to mitigade the loss of lives due to School Shootings that have now surpassed over 200 school shootings since the Massacre at Sandy Hook. Our SPS System includes three essential things to protect students and teachers from a gunman:

  • Window Shield Protection (prevents entry through glass)
  • Remote Control Door Locks (instantly locks the door from 75 feet away)
  • Bullet Resistant Classroom Door Guards (prevents a gunman from shattering a door)
  • door guard
    window film
    remote lock