Priority #3: Classroom Window Protection System

A large number of schools have glass windows in classrooms.  Many years ago this was fine, but today with schools shootings reaching record highs it presents a major problem as it gives the active shooter easy access to the students and teachers in the classroom.

You see normal glass will shatter instantly upon the slightest amount of blunt force. When glass shatters it falls to the ground. This enables an active shooter to climb into the classroom causing harm to students and teachers.

Campus Security offers a Window Protection System that features Security Film and a special attachment system that would prevent an active shooter from entering the classroom.

A special adhesive is used that bonds the film into the pores of the glass making it difficult to breach.  The video on your left will show the difference between unprotected glass versus the other with our Campus Window Shield.

The Campus Window Shield comes in clear and shade. Not only does it offer security but also falls under the California Clean Energy Job Act.  Schools installing the security film can qualify for Proposition 39 funding.

Protect your students and teachers with the Campus Window Shield Protection System/


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